Welcome to Boutiette’s Antiquarian Books. We have been in the rare book business for over thirty five years and have sold tens of thousands of rare books .

We have a customer base that is worldwide and a catalog business for long time customers. We specialize in selling rare bindings and in building personnel collections for our customers and in creating full blown antiquarian libraries with unusual and investment quality books and sets of books. If you go to the “types of bindings” section of this web page you can see firsthand the types of books we deal in. Most of the bindings will be of vellum, morocco or calf leather, giving the look of a 18th or 19thcentury European library from a stately home or castle. It will be designed with a smattering of bindings made of wood, silk, bronze, brass, ivory, tortoise shell, mother of pearl, abalone snakeskin, ell skin, deerskin, lizard, papiere mache, sterling silver and even gold.

The libraries we create for our clients are not done overnight, much planning and searching goes into finding and creating what each client individually is looking for. To find the desired authors takes time if you want to purchase them at reasonable prices. The libraries we build include books from the 15th century to the 19th century and if our customers so desire can include modern first editions up to 1940 which could include Hemmingway, Faulkner, Steinbeck, Fitzgerald etc.

arthur boutiette and grant boutiette

Building private collections and appraising rare libraries since 1970